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Sheep Shears Goat Clippers Animal Shave Grooming Farm Pet Supplies Livestock 320 Watt

Manufacturer: Best Choice Products
Price: $126.00

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Description These clippers are intended to keep your sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and any other member of the camel family well groomed. It's powerful enough to be used on horses and cattle by changing the shearing head (Not Included). Precision engineered for durable, cool, quiet and comfortable use. It's 320 watts and can deliver up to 2400 strokes per minute. FEATURES: One (1) Shearing machine with shearing head; Two (1) Sets of shearing blades; One (1) Special clipper screwdriver; One (1) Cleaning brush; One (1) Bottle of special lubrication oil; One (1) Carrying case; One (1) Owner's manual

SPECIFICATIONS:; Power 120 V -AC 60 Hz; 320 Watts; weight 7lbs; RPM: 2400; Power cord: 16 ft 18AWG; Model #: N1J-GM01-76; CE/FCC approved; Dimensions: 13 ¾(L)" x 3 1/8"(W) x 3 ¾"(H)

350 WATTS Electric Sheep Goat Clipper Livestock Pet Animal Farm Shears Groomer Wool Shearing- BRAND NEW

Manufacturer: HighQualityClipper

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Professional Sheep Shears Livestock Clippers Farm Animal Goats Wool Shears 320W

Manufacturer: Commercial Bargains Inc
Price: $189.99

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Description Specifications
  • Power: AC 60Hz 350W
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • RPM: 2600
  • Input: 110V
  • Power cord: 19' ft
  • Clipper Overall length: 14" inches.
  • Clipper blade width: 3.25" inches.
  • Model: N1J-GM01-76
  • CE/FCC approved.
  • Pre-installed clipper blades.
Package Includes
  • (1) Clipping unit w/ blades installed.
  • (1) Extra set of Curved clipper blades
  • (1) Cleaning brush.
  • (1) Bottle of lubricating oil.
  • (1) Clipper screwdriver.
  • (2) Spare carbon brushes.
  • (1) Carrying case.
  • (1) Owners manual.

Read operating instructions before usage.

Oil clipper blades before using to avoid damage of the product and void of the warranty.

Zenport Z116 Hoof and Floral Trimming Shear with Twin-Blade, 10-Inch

Manufacturer: Zenport
Price: $16.35

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Description The Zenport Z116 twinblade premium trimming shears are perfect for trimming dairy goat hooves alpaca nails, and for cutting thick floral stems making them ideal for a variety of uses by farmers, florists and home gardeners. Spring loaded automatic opening makes for quicker multiple cuts. Non-stick coated blade shears reduce jamming a cutting fatigue.

320w Electric Sheep / Goats Shearing Clipper Shears +2 Set Blads+dvd-rom

Manufacturer: Idd

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Description Function Description:
1) Blade pressure adjustment with rotable button, super quiet and low vibration.
2) Strengthened nylon body, High speed, suitable for everyday clipping, powerful motor
3) Cool temperature when long time operation, Easily to reach animal.
4) One whole set in tool case.High speed, suitable for everyday clipping;
5) Durable for long time working, suitable for sheep,
6) Very Handy small size
7) CE/FCC approved

New Updated Version 350W Electric Sheep Goat Clippers Shears Groomer Wool Shearing with 5 Meters Long Power Line

Manufacturer: Smart life

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Note: The shear will be shipped via DHL expedited, can reach in 4-7 working days. After your order, the system time given is not true. The truth is it will reach in 4-7 working days via DHL, thanks for your attention.

If you want to buy the spare blade cutters, please go this link to choose, thanks: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KR28EQ8

This is the newest 350W updated version sheep shear, campare to the old 320W, it has improved many advantages, your better choice for the sheep, horse, and other animal shearing.

1) All aluminum alloy shell.
2) 350W high power working, more efficient.
3) With 5 meters long power line, more convenience for use.
4) Small power consumption, save electricity and energy saving.
5) Fast cutting speed, little vibration noise at work.
6) Add 3 heat-sink window, each side has a heat-sink, The cooling effect is greatly enhanced.
7)Elastic blade knob, you can adjust the tightness based on the thickness of the wool. 8)110V or 220V for choice.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Author: Jon Ronson
Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
Price: $15.00

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Description Bizarre military history: In 1979, a crack commando unit was established by the most gifted minds within the U.S. Army. Defying all known laws of physics and accepted military practice, they believed that a soldier could adopt the cloak of invisibility, pass cleanly through walls, and—perhaps most chillingly—kill goats just by staring at them. They were the First Earth Battalion, entrusted with defending America from all known adversaries. And they really weren’t joking. What’s more, they’re back—and they’re fighting the War on Terror.

An uproarious exploration of American military paranoia: With investigations ranging from the mysterious “Goat Lab,” to Uri Geller’s covert psychic work with the CIA, to the increasingly bizarre role played by a succession of U.S. presidents, this might just be the funniest, most unsettling book you will ever read—if only because it is all true and is still happening today.

Oster Take Down Quick TDQ Professional Animal Clipper Blade, Size Medium

Manufacturer: Jarden Consumer Solutions
Price: $43.95

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Description Leaves hair 1/8-Inch- 3.2mm. Great for heavy coated or matted dogs. Extra wide blade takes coat off faster. Great on Spaniels, Chows, Old English Sheepdogs and many others. Also used on horses, cattle, goats and hogs. Compatible with A5, Power Pro, Power Max, Performax, Protege and Groom Master Clippers. Innovative heat reducing technology and legendary sharp cutting performance. Cryogenically treated for longer wear resistance.

Oster Clipper Grease, 1.25-ounces

Manufacturer: Jarden Consumer Solutions
Price: $6.99

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Description 1.25 ounce tube in blister package. Formulated for all universal motor electric clippers. For use in gear cavity located under face plate. Contains lithium soap petroleum grease. Replaces SKU # 6917-67. Replaces SKU # 6917-67.

Oster Shearing Comb, 20-Tooth Show Comb

Manufacturer: Jarden Consumer Solutions
Price: $24.95

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Description 20-Tooth Show Comb mostly used for general goat shearing and cattle fitting. 3” Wide. Compatible with all hand-pieces and 3" shearing head on Oster ShearMaster Shearing Machine # 78153-003 and Oster ShowMaster Shearing Machine # 78153-013. Replaces SKU # 61554-05, Model P7111 and Model P7112.


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