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Best Choice Products Sheep Shears Goat Clippers Animal Shave Grooming Farm Pet Supplies Livestock, 320W

Manufacturer: Best Choice Products - Pets

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Description These clippers are intended to keep your sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and any other member of the camel family well groomed. It's powerful enough to be used on horses and cattle by changing the shearing head (Not Included). Precision engineered for durable, cool, quiet and comfortable use. It's 320 watts and can deliver up to 2400 strokes per minute. FEATURES: One (1) Shearing machine with shearing head; Two (1) Sets of shearing blades; One (1) Special clipper screwdriver; One (1) Cleaning brush; One (1) Bottle of special lubrication oil; One (1) Carrying case; One (1) Owner's manual

SPECIFICATIONS:; Power 120 V -AC 60 Hz; 320 Watts; weight 7lbs; RPM: 2400; Power cord: 16 ft. 18AWG; Model #: N1J-GM01-76; CE/FCC approved; Dimensions: 13 ¾(L)" x 3 1/8"(W) x 3 ¾"(H).

Clipper 350W Electric Sheep Goat Clippers Shears Groomer Wool Shearing Livestock Pet Animal Farm

Manufacturer: HighQualityClipper
Price: $139.90

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Description Suitable for prolonged professional use. Blades included are only suitable for sheep. Please purchase other blades separately. Strong solid construction. Removable in take filter. Note: Use in dry environments only. Keep away from water and moist environments. Do not use water to clean any part of the machine. Please thoroughly read the user's guide before using on any animals. Please lubricate the machine to improve its use. For professionals only. If you do not know what you are doing, you could harm the animal or yourself.

Kenley 350W Electric Clippers Shears for Sheep Goat Pet Animal Farm

Manufacturer: Kenley
Price: $98.99

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Description Hard-wearing equipment
The Kenley Electric Sheep Shears are rugged, hard-wearing shears with a powerful (350W) yet quiet motor. They are great for shearing and dagging small flocks whether you are on the farm, in competition or for show. The outer body is strengthened nylon for durability, in a comfortable shape for repeated use. It has a cooling device so that it can run cool for continuous operation.

Versatile shears for all uses
The Kenley Electric Sheep Shears are versatile: with the use of the blade pressure adjustment dial they can be used on not only sheep and goats but also llamas, alpacas and other members of the camel family. These sheep shears can also be used on cows and horses with an alternate shearing head. The product comes complete in a transport case with full instruction manual, cleaning brush, lubricant and screwdriver.

Technical specifications:
Power: 350 W
Speed: 2400 RPM
Mains voltage: 110V/130V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Noise Emission (LpAm): 80dB
Acceleration (avhw): 4m/sec

What's in the box:
1x Shearing Machine with Shearing Head
1x Pair of Shearing Blades
1x Special Screwdriver
1x Bottle of Special Lubricating Oil
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Set of operating instructions
1x Transport and Storage Case

Missyee® Farm Electric Sheep Shears Goat Clippers Animal Dog Hair Fur Shearing Clipping Shave Grooming Wool Farm Pet Supplies Livestock, 320 watts

Manufacturer: Ridgeyard co,.ltd

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-Suitable for sheep,ewes,goats,llamas, alpacas and any other member of the camel family well groomed
-Precision engineered for durable, cool, quiet and comfortable use
-Blade pressure adjustment with rotable button.
-Powerful and super quiet motor
-Strengthened nylon body, High speed, suitable for everyday clipping
-Cool temperature when long time operation, Easily to reach animal
-Durable for long time working, suitable for sheep
-Will not overheat with cooling device for continuous working
-Removable in-take filter
-Very Handy small size
-CE/FCC/ROHS approved


Voltage: 110V AC 50Hz--60Hz, US Plug
Power : 320W
Cutting speed of blade: 2400rpm
Capacity: 8-10sheep/one hour
Blade width: 78mm ALSO Adjustable 80mm blade
Clipper Overall length: 14" inches
Clipper blade width: 3.25" inches.
Power cord: 18' ft
Weight: 7 lbs
US adapter

Package includes:

1 x Shearing clipper with clipper head
1 x Set of shearing blades
1 x clipper screwdriver
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Operation Instructions

110V or 220 500W 0-2400 rpm 500W Electric Sheep Clipper Sheep Shearing Clipper Sheep Wool Shear Goat Clippers Machine

Manufacturer: eastmachinery

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Description Technical Parameters:
Certification: CE
Compatible with Heiniger ,Oster , Shear Magic and GTS blades.
Voltage:110V or 220V-240V
Power: 500W
Cable length: 6m
Cutting Speed Of Blade: 2400RPM
What in Package:
1xbottle oil
1x screwdriver
Note: We usually ship the 110V to USA by default if there is no message in the order.

Farm Electric Sheep Shears Goat Clippers Animal Dog Hair Fur Shearing Clipping Shave Grooming Wool Farm Pet Supplies Livestock, 320 watts

Manufacturer: Global (A set of sheep shears)

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Description Features and Benefits:

1. Electric Horse Clipper learn from advanced technology, considering the various conditions, advanced and reasonable design, a wide range of adaptability.
2. Its compact, light weight, small vibration, low temperature work, flexible and reliable operation, easy maintenance, suitable for all forms of horse hair brush and other acquisition and application.
3. The blade of high hardness, toughness, wear resistance, sharp, sharp teeth blade through precision manufacturing, carding good, not hurt the horse to adapt to the world, different regions, different seasons, different species of horse shearing.
4. The time-saving, one hour can cut 8-10 only horses, suitable for family farming or pasture farming.
5. effort, scissors grip structure of humanity, long time shearing hand will not fatigue.
6. easy to start, suitable for most of the cutting horse novice.
Annex: a oiler, a brush, a flat screwdriver

Technical Data:
Rated voltage: 110V AC 50Hz - 60Hz
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Rated input power: 320W
Working speed: 2400r / min
Package weight: 3.5KG

Elfin Growth Heavy Duty Onion/Sheep Shear, Ergonomic, Goat Sheep Cow Hoof Horse Rabbit Shearing Wool Trimmers Shears Scissors Tool

Manufacturer: Elfin Growth

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Description They are great to carry around the farm for cutting about anything...paper, light wire, leather They are stainless steel with a plastic handle. Easy one-handed use. Less hand fatigue. Package included: 1 pair of trimmers.

Giantex 320w Electronic Shearing Clipper Sheep/goat Animal Shear Farm Supplies Livestock

Manufacturer: Giantex

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Description Noise Emission (LpAm): 93dB(A) (DIN-45635-1/04.84+BG-PAS 26) Acceleration (avhw): 11m/sec2(EN-28662-1/01.93) Package included:1 x Shearing Machine with Shearing Head,1 x Pair of Shearing Blades,1 x Special Screwdriver,1 x Bottle of Special Lubricating Oil,1 x Cleaning Brush,1 x Set of Operating Instructions,1 x Transport and Storage Case

Yaheetech 320W Farm Supplies Sheep Shears Goat Clippers Animal Livestock Shave Grooming

Manufacturer: Yaheetech

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Description Features:

Aimed for use on sheep, alpacas, ewes, goats and more
With suitable shearing head (Not included), could also be used on cattle and horses
Ideal both for individual sheep raisers or collective clipping
High grade nylon body features quick and quiet shearing
Powerful motor with low vibration
Rotate button adjusts blade pressure for different thicknesses
High strength carbon steel blade
Specially designed blade-tip that won't hurt the sheep
Air filter cover is removable for cleaning
Overheat-prevention under continuous operation
Light weight and compact design, operational by single hand
Energy-saving and easy to maintain
Safety certifications of CE and UL

Package Includes:

1x Electric Shearer (Shearing Head Included)
1x Screwdriver.
1x Brush
2 x Carbon Brushes
1x Lubricating oil bottle (Oil not included)
1x Carry case
1x User manual

Please Note: Please read the manual before operation.

Koval Inc. 380W Electric Sheep Shears Goat Clipper Animal Grooming (black)

Manufacturer: Koval Inc.

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Description Brand new KOVAL INC. Electric Sheep Shears

This product offers many excellent features such as being highly engineered for durability and comfortable usage. As a free gift we have included a carbon brush and lubricating oil. This heavy duty clipper is made especially for sheep, ewes, goats, llamas and alpacas.


CE approved
Removable in-take filter
Used for Sheep and carpet
Adjustable blade pressure by the rotating button


RPM: 2500
Watts: 380W
Color: Black
Power cord length: 6M
Power: 120 V -AC 60 Hz

Package Include:

1 x manual
1 x lubricating oil
1 x clean carbon brush
1 x Special clipper screwdriver
1 x Shearing machine with shearing head and shearing blades


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